4 Tips About When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?

This tips can help you save big bucks, check now how you can save money by finding the best time to buy a car that suits you! In general, the best time to buy a car is when you need to buy a car. You can wait for the next “big deal” to come along, but there […]

5 smart ways to use your tax return on a car

Get a better deal on a used car using your tax return. Tax season will be coming to end by the end of this month. Until that time, you might hear advertisements from car dealerships urging you to bring in your refund or pandemic stimulus check to buy a new car. Given that the average […]

20 Simple Gas Mileage Tricks

Save money buy improving your Gas Mileage so you can drive longer with less money! No matter what kind of car you drive, you can be getting better fuel economy than what you’re getting now. Did you know you can get better mileage by never filling up your tank? It’s true, and most of these […]

Certified Used Cars, 9 Questions Answered before Buying one

Get answer for the most popular questions about Certified Used Cars Used car prices are expected to fall, while dealer trade-in inventories are on the rise, because of recent record-setting new-car sales. In this climate, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles are likely to become even more of a fixture on dealer lots. To help you decide whether or […]

Good Credit Score, 8 Tips to have one

8 ways to improve your credit and save money for future investments with a good credit score. To understand what makes those in the 800 plus club different, it helps to know how these scores are calculated so you can build a good credit score. Credit Checkers uses information reported by your various lenders to […]

How Much Tax Will You Pay on Used Cars in Canada?

Learn How much tax you will pay so you know how much you can ask for your new car! Not everyone wants to buy a new car. Sometimes the newest model of the vehicle you need just doesn’t fit your budget. Or maybe you just prefer the look and features of an older model. Whether […]

The Best Way to Get a Car Loan Without a Cosigner in Canada

Every person can get approved, but sometimes this approval needs a cosigner. To get a car loan without a cosigner is possible but there are some conditions, learn about them here. In Canada, getting a car loan with bad credit and no cosigner is easier than it’s ever been. Monitoring your credit report and reviewing […]

The 5 worst EV cars

Looking for a EV? Here is a list with the 5 worst EV cars that you can buy! Top 5 worst EV cars, on depreciate quickly Now, let’s look at the electric cars that depreciate the quickest. Again, the figures in brackets are the percentage of the new value that’s lost after three years or 36,000 miles. […]

The 5 Best Ev Cars

Looking for a EV? Here is a list with the 5 best EV cars that you can buy! Top 5 best EV cars that hold their value If you’re looking to buy a new electric car, you probably want one that has very strong residual values. Below you’ll find the top 5 best EV cars […]

Buying trends to save money on used cars in 2021

Learn the best tips to buy a new used car in 2021 One decision that many people have to make when purchasing a vehicle is whether to buy a brand-new one or go for a used vehicle. This is an important decision, as it can impact everything from costs involved to the choice of cars […]