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Car Previous Owners, should you buy when you find more than one?

How to check for car previous owners and avoid problems when buying your car!

One, two, five, eight, how many car previous owners are still ok to deal with?

Every car had its first owner, be it a rental company or a private owner and either way, the car most likely had resources to be well maintained, and this is the main reason to buy cars with not too many past owners, the maintenance history.

The first owner, the one that bought the car new, usually have resources to keep regular maintenance, to avoid losing the warranty and, when you compare this car with another one with the same millage and with 3 or 4 previous owners, they may look the same, but when you look under the hood, you can start spotting the difference.

It won’t always be easy to identify these differences, and that is why it is good to buy your car from a dealership, as they will have access to the car history (Carfax, Equifax) that shows you the maintenance record of the car.

So be aware of cars that had many previous owners, they might be a good option if they have a clean record and the OK of a good mechanic, but the rule of thumb is, go for those that have one or two previous owners, tops.

That is why is always good to ask them for the CARFAX, if they don’t want to show you or say that they don’t have, be suspiciou!

Check For Car Previous Owners with CARFAX
Check for Car Previous Owners with CARFAX

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