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The 5 Best Ev Cars

Looking for a EV? Here is a list with the 5 best EV cars that you can buy!

Top 5 best EV cars that hold their value

If you’re looking to buy a new electric car, you probably want one that has very strong residual values. Below you’ll find the top 5 best EV cars that hold their value, with the percentage value lost after three years or 36,000 miles in brackets.

Porsche Taycan (37.10%)

The 5 Best Ev Cars - 1 position

The Porsche Taycan is currently the electric car with the slowest depreciation, as it’s predicted to lost just 37.1% of its value in three years. The Taycan is a sporty EV with a range of up to 270 miles in 4S Plus form and can go from 0-62mph in just four seconds – or 3.2 seconds in Turbo form.

Tesla Model 3 (40.40%)

The 5 Best Ev Cars - 2 position

Tesla cars hold their value very well and at the moment the Model 3 is the best in the brand’s range for depreciation. The Model 3 Long Range can drive for 285 miles on a single charge, and the Performance version goes from 0-62mph in just 3.3 seconds. The Model 3 is also the most affordable car on this top five.

Tesla Model X (41.30%)

The 5 Best Ev Cars - 3 position

The Tesla Model X is a large SUV that sits at the top of Tesla’s current range, and it’s another slow depreciator. The Long Range model has an all-electric range of 295 miles, and thanks to the seven-seater interior layout it’s a roomy family car. However, it’s also close to £100,000 when new.

Polestar 2 (41.80%)

The 5 Best Ev Cars - 4 position

Polestar is a brand closely linked to Volvo, but that only produces electric cars. The brand’s only stand-alone car at the moment is the Polestar 2, which is a smart-looking EV with a range of 245 miles, so it’s clear why it holds its value so well. It’s clear that upmarket electric cars like this are depreciating slowly.

Tesla Model S (43.00%)

The 5 Best Ev Cars - 5 position

The Model S was Tesla’s original success story so it’s pleasing to see it’s still depreciating slowly. With a range of 390 miles on a single charge it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. It’s a large saloon with lots of room inside, a big boot and plenty of performance thanks to the punchy electric motors.

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