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The 5 worst EV cars

Looking for a EV? Here is a list with the 5 worst EV cars that you can buy!

Top 5 worst EV cars, on depreciate quickly

Now, let’s look at the electric cars that depreciate the quickest. Again, the figures in brackets are the percentage of the new value that’s lost after three years or 36,000 miles.

These models don’t make the best new purchase as a result, but quickly dropping values are great news for those looking to buy a used electric car.

Smart Fortwo Coupe (58.30%)

5 worst EV cars - 1 position

The Smart EQ Fortwo Coupe is a tiny city car with a range of just 60 miles. It only makes sense for those who live in a big city with access to charging points, which limits its wider appeal and leads to fast depreciation. It’s expensive new but makes a good used buy for a small number of buyers.

MG MG5 (59.10%)

5 worst EV cars - 2 position

The MG5 is the newest electric SUV in the Chinese-owned British brand’s range. It has a 175-mile range and a very affordable price tag given that it’s a large and practical car. Thanks to the heavy depreciation it makes more sense to buy one second-hand.

Nissan E-NV200 (60.20%)

5 worst EV cars - 3 position

The Nissan E-NV200 is an electric van first and foremost, but there is also a version with windows and seats, turning it into a large MPV. This version is called the E-NV200 Combi, and since it only has a 115-mile range it’s not all that useful for family trips, so its appeal is limited and depreciation is swift.

Fiat 500 (62.20%)

5 worst EV cars - 4 position

The new version of the Fiat 500 is now an electric car called the 500e. It has a range of 135 miles (or 90 miles in the lesser version), which isn’t bad considering it’s meant for local trips and that mileage should be fine for most people’s commute. As the electric version is so new it’s hard to tell what its residual values will be for now, so it’s possible the electric version won’t follow this prediction.

Smart Fortwo Cabrio (63.80%)

5 worst EV cars - 5 position

If the Smart Fortwo Coupe is niche, then the convertible version is well and truly in its own corner. It has the same 60-mile range as the hard-top version but of course comes with the soft-top roof and as it costs more to buy new, it also sheds more value after three years.

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